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  1. 1. Unpack
  2. Unpack the archive in a temp folder. Follow the steps. After you can delete the
  3. unpacked files
  4. 2. DB Setup
  5. Create a DB and choose a prefix (A _ is added automatically as separation) for your tables.
  6. Open the provided sql file. Search for #REPLACEME# and replace it with your table prefix.
  7. Save. Import this file into you newly created DB.
  8. 3. Config
  9. Copy webclient/config/config.php.default to webclient/config/config.php
  10. Edit and fill in the DB details.
  11. Change PATH_ABSOLUTE to you installation path and PATH_WEB_STORAGE relative to your webroot.
  12. Copy config-imdb.php.default to config-imdb.php.
  13. Read the tools.txt and tool-imdbweb.txt and make wanted changes to that file
  14. 4. Move files
  15. Move the content of webclient folder to your webspace. Make sure the location matches
  16. the PATH_ABSOLUTE config in config.php file
  17. 5. File rights
  18. Make sure that systemout folder is read/write accessible with your webserver user. Recursive.
  19. Make sure that storage folder is read/write accessible with your webserver user. Recursive.
  20. 6. Access
  21. Open your browser and visit your newly created bibliotheca installation.
  22. Default admin user pw: test
  23. 7. First steps
  24. Login with default admin account and change the password!
  25. Create your own user.
  26. Create your first collection.